Memory Lane..

Once upon a time a high school kid started playing country music in a band consisting of American soldiers stationed in Berlin. The group appeared in military recreational facilities and on Armed Forces Radio and Television Services - AFRTS - under the not so fanciful name "Berlin Ramblers".


For young Lonnie working with the Ramblers proved to be an excellent schooling for days to come


Laura Ingalls Wilder made her Dakota hometown De Smet famous with "Little Town On The Prairie" - here's another one of its pretty citizens..


.. Mary, a sweet inhabitant of Lonnie's America

* * *

Remember the movie "Bonnie And Clyde"? It inspired the Ramblers to record an album that paid tribute to the background music provided by Lester Flatt and Earl Scruggs as well as to fitting country laments. Here's the gang, dressed in style, plus a "Bonnie" that was a whole lot sweeter than Faye Dunaway - not to mention the real Bonnie Parker, who didn't have any looks at all...


The album included the song "High On A Hilltop" - a Tommy Collins composition - and it was used by legendary German film director Rainer Fassbinder

in his movie "Veronika Voss"- Veronika which won the Golden Bear Award at the Berlin film festival. The Ramblers didn't profit from that fame. To quote Lonnie: "We didn't even get a golden G-string..."




Wabash Cannonball only sounds right with a dobro

* * *

Nov. 9th at Stampen: Guest performance by three strikingly talented and beautiful girls from the 'north country':

Sara, Erica, and Carolina doing a uniquely styled version of Buck Owens' "Together Again" -

the audience loved it, and here's a promise:

The ladies will be back!


Playing at "Boule & Tapas", the Riders' sound was enriched by Irish fiddler Ivor Ottley.



"Yes we can.."


Beautiful memory of a little gig at Tyresoe elementary school..

..with a teacher like Sofia, who wouldn't want to be back in 5th grade?



Country Gala, Tyrol, Stockholm



Roffe's pride and joy: T-frame, 350 Chevy engine, Jaguar rear end...


Jeep1 Jeep2

...Lonnie's pride and joy: "Chargin' Margie" - '44 GPW Jeep from Patton's 2nd Armored Division "Hell On Wheels" - the old girl sure still stands proud and tall...



"Lost all my money but a two-dollar bill... "


They just don't make microphones like that anymore...



The Lonesome Riders with temporary fiddler Anna Lund and longtime guitarist Bert Viklund


Russian Letter

From Russia with love... Spassiba, Jelena


Monica Silverstrannd








The Lonesome Riders with Monica Silverstrand at 2003's Country Gala, Tyrol, Stockholm


Ove Fundin

Meeting a legend: the Riders with five-time speedway world champion Ove Fundin


Faithful dashboard companion and mascot -


nobody plays the ukulele like Maliaha...


Monica Blixt

Thanks to linedance beauties like Monica Blixt country music becomes visible...


Number One

Proud? You bet!



Now then, get on the bandwagon and stay with us, because there's...

art by pete lojewski

...more to come !

Crossing the Big River at Hastings, MN.