Lonnie & The Lonesome Riders - Sounds of America in Sweden

American influence on Sweden and its culture leaves its marks on virtually every segment of life in this country: be it Coke, fast-food chains, automobiles, Levi's dungarees, subtitled motion pictures and TV programs, or the wide field of musical entertainment.
That includes country music, which over the years has reached a high level of popularity in Sweden. Consequently, many local musicians and groups have been inspired to explore this truly American genre. And while there are many talented Swedish artists performing and playing country music, there is one problem: authenticity. And that is, in part, the "secret" behind the increasing progress of "Lonnie & The Lonesome Riders". Their songs are proof of the simple truth that in order to perform genuine country music, you have to have it in your blood.

In October of 1998, "Lonnie & The Lonesome Riders" had their debut performance on the stage of Stockholm's traditional music club "Stampen". What the audience heard was an assortment of true country, rock-a-billy, and rock'n'roll songs, presented with the honesty that comes from growing up with the original thing. Ever since that autumn night, "LLR" have been performing regularly at "Stampen", which has become a sort of beloved home base for the group and its steadily growing crowd of followers.

The Group:


Lonnie of the Lonesome Riders



The leader of the Lonesome Riders was raised in what then was the American sector of Berlin. He describes himself as "a cosmopolitan who is as much at home in the U.S.A. as in Berlin or, for that matter, in Stockholm".
Lonnie's musical activities as lead singer and songwriter span several decades, and it is that vast experience that has enabled him to establish his very own mature and unmistakable style of music. To quote a female admirer of the group: "Listening to their songs is like tasting fine red wine..."
In style with his musical credo, Lonnie plays vintage instruments like his treasured Gibson Hummingbird flattop guitar and his Mastertone five-string banjo.





Karin Risberg


Vocalist Karin Risberg is a well-known artist in her country. During the course of her career she has worked with a number of stars in different musical genres, and her striking talent contributes greatly to the musical manifoldness of the Lonesome Riders. Karin's ability to "wrap her voice around a song" keeps audiences spellbound. With Karin Risberg in their midst the Lonesome Riders have achieved a completeness not many groups can boast with.

Hasse Rosén


Legendary Hasse Rosén doesn't need to be introduced to Swedish audiences - he's simply too famous for that. During his shining career, Hasse has been called the "Chet Atkins of Sweden" - a compliment he smiles at forgivingly. This brilliant musician has a distinct style of his own and does not need the help of other artists' names. Every once in a while Hasse takes a nostalgic trip with his good old buddies in that renowned gang "The Violents" on one of their ever-popular tours.

Roffe Färdigh


A natural-born musician, Roffe "Roughy the Rebel" Färdigh adds the rich sound of his twin-neck Sho-Bud steel guitar to the Lonesome Riders' musical spectrum. The ease and imagination with which he handles his instrument has earned him recognition and praise from audiences and fellow artists. For the sake of versatility "Roughy" also uses his skills on the resonator-equipped dobro guitar.

Jolly Ollie


Another member of the "Violents" who has joined the Lonesome Riders is "Plutten" Attersjö. "Jolly Ollie", as he's known with the Lonesome Riders, is a virtuoso on both the electric and the acoustic bass. He provides a rock-solid, unwavering foundation for both fast-driving "slammers" and romantic ballads. As the experienced performer he is, Olle has contributed to forging the cast that has resulted in the group's very own sound.



Björn 'Chrulle' Nabbe

Drummer Björn "Chrulle" Nabbe has pleased audiences with his fine-honed playing for many years. He has the experience that has come with providing rhythm for various groups and artists, and covering different musical styles, including Heavy Metal (!). When it comes to playing with the Lonesome Riders, Chrulle shows that rare ability to reign in the urge to just "knock out" the audiences - in fact, he often uses the tools that have become less popular with many drummers - the brushes..




One fine day we had the chance of acquiring one of the most talented and experienced piano players Sweden has to offer: Nils Nordström. This guy is truly incredible and whatever style he plays - be it Floyd Cramer or Jerry Lee - he is as good as the original, or maybe even better sometimes. Okay, there's one thing he doesn't do - he won't put his foot on the keyboard...